We welcome for consideration any proposals from curators, artists, or cultural organisations that have a project they would like to collaborate on with The Mosaic Rooms. All proposals must meet The Mosaic Rooms programming principles for:

  • Artistic excellence and innovation
  • Promoting positive cultural understanding and exchange
  • Exploring contemporary ideas in an informed and critical manner
  • Presenting progressive, non-sectarian creative voices from or connected to the Arab World or Arabic culture.

Please note the Mosaic Rooms is not a faith-based or community organisation.

For more information on our programming policies please click here

All projects that correspond to the above guidelines should in the first instance send a brief summary of the proposed project, its objectives, target audience, dates and funding sources to:

Rachael Jarvis
Head Curator
The Mosaic Rooms
226 Cromwell Road
London SW5 0SW

Tel: 020 7370 9990

Please visit our jobs & opportunities page for details of further specific opportunities.